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Do you want to have a deeper and more intimate prayer life?

Every Christian must dedicate themselves to an active and effective prayer life. If you don’t dive into continuous, deep, and purposeful prayer you may never plunge the true depths of a relationship with God.

From tips for massive faith, to a step by step biblical formula for the most effective prayer life you have ever had, this training is a must for the serious prayer warrior.

How to Have a Life-Changing, Powerful Prayer Life


In this full video course I will personally teach you step by step the deep biblical secrets to a more effective prayer life.

I will also show you:

  • How to slay your giants and have mountain moving faith
  • How to understand God’s will for your life
  • How to see His hand moving more powerfully in your life
  • How to experience life-changing and purposeful prayer
  • Among so much more.

In this training I will lay scripture upon scripture into a solid biblical foundation for you to see for yourself exactly the type of Prayer life Jesus is calling you to, and how to connect with Him in the most intimate way you ever have.

This course offer comes with a massive price cut because you have joined my reader’s group. But it will only be available today and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can enroll with confidence.

NOW ONLY: $47 (normally $197. You save $150)

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30 day money back guarantee: If you decide that this training is not for you, you’ll promptly be refunded no questions asked.

PLEASE NOTE: 100% of the proceeds from this training are being spent on giving away my free ebooks to expand the reach of the gospel. Ebooks require thousands of dollars of marketing to get it in front of the right eyes, to encourage hearts and change lives. Thanks to my supporters I have given away nearly one million free books.

If you feel that this is a good cause to support, please join!

However, this is not a tax deductible purchase.

Thank you for consideration and I'm excited to see how this course will change your life as well.

Be blessed!


      Adam Houge

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